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Water Polo is a team sport which focuses on teamwork, tactics, technical skill and physical endurance. 

Water polo is a fierce, competitive and tiring game played over four, eight minute periods. Each team is made up of 13 players and due to the intense nature of the game, regular substitutions are common. Seven players from each team are in the pool at any one time. Each team has six players plus a goalie in the water. Only the goalie may touch the ball with both hands. This is a co-ed sport: you must have a minimum of three boys/girls in the water at all times. Water polo players learn how to catch, throw and swim with the ball with one hand as well as how to eggbeater. The competition age groups are: 16 to 18, 14&15, 12&13, and 11 & under.

If you have questions about water polo programs in your area please contact the Provincial Office at

The BCSSA water polo Rule Book can be downloaded here.