About Us

Unmatched in its potential for fitness and fun, swimming is an activity whose benefits last a lifetime. That's why summer swimming is a great choice for today's kids and their families, as it  provides a rich swim club experience that's manageable for busy families, including those with kids who play other sports.

If you're looking for a swim option that's fun, well coached and compatible with other activities, then you've come to the right place!

With more than 60 clubs across British Columbia, the BC Summer Swimming Association (BCSSA) offers speed swimming, diving, water polo and synchronized swimming. The association has grown from three clubs in 1958, to over 60 clubs today, with over 5000 athletes.

Our affiliated clubs offer convenient practice times and locations, a flexible and manageable time commitment and a balance between achievement and fun.

Summer swimming is the way to go for kids and families with lots going on and that is what BCSSA is all about!

Quick Facts

1. BCSSA has been in operation since 1958.

2. BCSSA affiliates over 60 clubs in 60 communities in BC.

3. BCSSA has four aquatic sports: Speed Swimming, Diving, Synchro & Water Polo

4. BCSSA is a family oriented association.

5. BCSSA provides summer employment for over 250 coaches, 95 percent of whom are university students, at an average salary of $7,000 for the season. ($1.75 million)

6. BCSSA generates approximately $10 million tourist dollars of cash flow to B.C. communities.

7. BCSSA leaves a legacy of improved facilities in the Championship host community.

8. BCSSA musters 100's of volunteers to run each swim meet. We have calculated it to be over 150,000 volunteer hours DEDICATED TO THE YOUTH OF B.C.

9. BCSSA contributes to water safety awareness to over 6,000 youth each year, as well as to participation and fitness activities, which impact our health dollars.