Conferences, Workshops & Clinics

As a benefit of membership, BCSSA offers multiple conferences, clinics and workshops each year. Some of them have a fee attached to them, but many are FREE. These events are aimed at helping our officials, volunteers, club leaders and coaches.

Keep up-to-date with BCSSA and our events by checking out our Calendar.

BCSSA Boot Camp for Club Executives

This course is developed for Club Presidents and Executives of swim clubs associated with the BCSSA. The goal of the course (nicknamed "Board Boot Camp") is to assist club executives to develop skills and knowledge to more effectively lead and manage their club affairs.

Through the generous support of the Provincial Board of Directors, there is no cost to regions or clubs for the presentation, materials, or presenters to teach this course.

For more information and to schedule a course, please contact your Regional Director.

Coaches Conferences

These conferences are aimed at coaches and each conference focuses on different topics. The conference is usually held in April each year right before the competitive season starts and lasts 2-3 days. For more information please visit the Coaches Conference webpage, which can be found in the "Coaches Area".

BCSSA Summit Conference

In partnership with Simon Fraser University, BCSSA held the first Summit Conference in April 2011. This conference brought swimmers, officials, coaches and parents together for a truly BCSSA weekend to kick-off the 2011 Season. The conference again occurred in 2013. Check out Simon Fraser Aquatics for the most updated information.

Officials Clinics & Online Materials

Experienced BCSSA Officials will hold officials training clinics to train new parents who would like to become an official. These clinics are organized at the club level with some being organized by BCSSA, however to know when clinics are being held be sure to check out the BCSSA Calendar.

We also have a section of our website where officials can find the PowerPoint presentations that are used to teach clinics as well as the Officials Handbook. By taking the clinics, reading the Officials Handbook and knowing the Rule book any parent is well on their way to becoming an experienced and knowledgeable official. Check out the Officials Area to find the PowerPoint and Handbooks.



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