Coaches Resources


O-Cat Relays Overview (2017)

Dry Land for Junior Swimmers

26 Ways to Improve your Coaching

From the 2018 Coaches Conference

Season Planning Package

From the 2017 Coaches Conference

BCSSA Conflict Resolution Tips for Coaches

Protest Flowchart

From the 2016 Coaches Conference

Building a Vision- Gareth Saunders

Seasonal Planning- Gareth Saunders

The Mental Aspects of Performance- Dr.Hogg

Helping Swimmers Cope with Pressure- Dr.Hogg

Hytek- Cheri Ruim

Nutrition Planning- Alexandra Yule

From the 2014 Coaches Conference

Writing Protests Correctly - By Kerry Sheppard (PDF)

Brent Hayden - Turn (YouTube video)     Start (YouTube video)

Alex Hodgins - Feedback for Competitive Swimmers

Nanci Guest - Nutrition Handouts

Ben Keast - Freestyle

From the 2012 Coaches Conference

Butterfly - By Tom Rushton (online link)

Senior Freestyle - By Mark Botrill (PDF)

Junior Freestyle - By Mark Botrill (PDF)

Senior Backstroke - By Ben Keast (PDF)

Junior Backstroke - By Ben Keast (PDF)

Breaststroke - By Rob (PDF)

Starts & Turns (How fast are you?) - By Steve Price (PDF)

Blooming Starfish - By Liz Collins (PDF)

The Swimmers Shoulder - By Katie Foster (PDF)

How to Help Children Succeed - By Doris (PDF Handout)

Seasonal Planning & Regionals Prep - By Ben Keast

Developmental Building Blocks Handout - By Andrea Burk

Insync Physiotherapy Handout

Learning Disabilities Handout