Board Committees
Finance Committee Cristina Jevons Cristina Jevons
(Terms of Reference)   Danny Schilds
    Francis Cheung
Rules & Regulations Committee Francis Cheung  
(Terms of Reference)    
Officials' Committee Mike Craig Mike Craig
(Terms of Reference)   Trevor O'Dwyer (CA)
    Zoe Stronge (FS)
    Nick Eshuis (FV)
    Peter Lawczynski (KO)
    Tanya Bushell (OK)
    Jeff Sheehan (SF)
    Angel Lee (V&D)
    Mike Craig (VI)
Provincials Planning Committee Sean Cauley  
Registration Committee Cheri Ruim Cheri Ruim
(Terms of Reference)   Terri Gobbe (CA)
    Tami Hummel (FS)
    Cathryn Blanco (FV)
    Chad Badry (KO)
    Bridgid Hall (OK)
    Erica Lin (SF)
    Gwen Chambers (V&D)
    Greig Jenkinson (VI)
Diving Committee Sarah Wellman Shannon Sullivan
    Clubs w/ Diving Programs
Synchro Committee Natalie Norgard Clubs w/ Synchro Programs
Water Polo Committee Cole Wagner Clubs w/ Water Polo Programs
Nominations Committee Vacant All 8 Regional Directors
    *Regional Director is not a provincially elected position.
Pool of Fame Committee Danny Schilds