BC Summer Swimming Association Endowment Funds

In partnership with the Vancouver Foundation, the BCSSA has created the BCSSA Endowment Fund and the BCSSA Transferrable Fund.

As the province's largest multi-aquatic association, the BCSSA promotes the development of health, fitness, character, and life skills of more than 6,000 young people across British Columbia each year. Values such as hard work, dedication, and teamwork are fostered in a fun, positive environment where all children are welcomed to compete and work to fulfill their potential.

To encourage young people to stay involved in healthy BCSSA activity through high school graduation and to acknowledge the exceptional dedication and commitment of long-term athletes, the BCSSA has established an annual Regional Scholarship in each of its eight regions which assist with post-secondary expenses.

Both the endowment fund and transferrable fund support the BCSSA Scholarship awards. Contributing to these funds promotes continued participation in a healthy and active lifestyle where young people can serve as mentors and examples for succeeding generations of BCSSA athletes.

If you wish to donate, please visit the link below to the Vancouver Foundation website. If you wish to discuss legacy estate giving options, please contact the BCSSA office directly to assist in coordinating this with you.

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National Sport Trust Fund

While BCSSA can not issue tax receipt for donations according to the Income Tax Act, donations can be routed through the National Sport Trust Fund. It is a very easy process and the BCSSA Office can assist with this. The NSTF, BC Chapter, administered through Sport BC, will better serve our member clubs who are fundraising and wish to offer Tax receipts for eligible donations to their organization.

All fundraising initiatives must be registered under a project. Once a Project is registered and approved by the Fund Manager, donation will be eligible to receive tax receipts. All payments are made to NSTF and cheque should be made payable to the National Sport Trust Fund. Donations need to be $100.00 or greater and service charges begin at $2.00 + 2% and increase to 4% for credit card donations.

The BCSSA has an ongoing Project - "BCSSA Club Development Fund", where clubs can have donors route money through. This way the project is already open and the donor simply runs his/her donation through our project and BCSSA will issue a cheque right back to the club.

If you wish to donate online through the NSTF please click on the link below and follow the steps. Once you have completed the transaction please send an email to and inform us what club you would like your donation to be directed to.


NSTF Forms

If you choose to donate by cheque please complete the donor form below. Once this is completed please mail a cheque payable to "National Sport Trust Fund" and the completed form to the BCSSA Office at 205-2323 Boundary Road, Vancouver, BC, V5M 4V8.

Please note that BCSSA is Project #19. Name of Organization: BC Summer Swimming Association

Donor Form


Other Donation Option


PayPal is another option that is available to clubs who wish to donate to BCSSA and again the funds will be forwarded to the club requested, less the 4% service fee. To donate, please click on the 'Donate' button below and fill in your information. Through PayPal we are able to accept payments from all major credit cards and PayPal accounts.