BCSSA Officials - Frequently Asked Questions

These questions have often been the source of topics by the VP Officials in BCSSA's newsletter, "Wavelength". Links to excerpts follow:

O-Cat Relays Overview An overview describing the O-Cat 1 and 2 relays for both club and regional relays.
Competition and Conflict Conflict resolution in competitive aquatics.
"One Start Rule" To Be Used New starting procedures to be used this season.
Crafting a Correct Official Time Steps in ensuring accurate official times.
The Official as Mentor Describes the importance of mentoring in the development of competent officials.
In Officiating, "Practice Makes Perfect" Describes why it is important that officials be given and take advantage of all opportunities to maintain and improve their skills.
Advantage Versus Technique When Officiating Backstroke Turns Discusses the interpretation of the Official Rules relating to executing a legal backstroke turn.
The Anxiety of Disqualifying Discusses why it is important for parents to consider becoming officials, and why disqualifying swimmers is not to be feared.
The Importance of Timers and Place Judges Explains the importance of these two positions that can be performed readily by new parents
The Deck Official as Volunteer A brief description of the importance and variety of activities of volunteers who are deck officials, and their recognition with officials' pins.