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Level 2 Intermediate
Level 3 Senior
Level 4 Master

BCSSA Officials - Chief Meet Recorder

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • The CMR supervises the smooth running of the recording table [also called the crash desk] and office to ensure that the rules governing place judging and timing are applied correctly in determining the official time for each swimmer and the final order of finish for all events.
  • The CMR organizes volunteers for the crash desk and the office, and ensures that all jobs are performed efficiently and accurately.
  • The CMR must know the rules for timing, (Rulebook, Section 8), place judging (Section 9), and scoring, (Section 10). Since the CMR is also responsible for seeding consolations and finals, he/she must also know the rules for seeding and lane assignments (Section 7).
  • The office area of any meet should be out of bounds to anyone who does not have specific authorization to be there (by the Meet Manager, the Referee, or the CMR). All questions should be referred to the Referee or the Meet Manager.
  • The CMR does not have the authority to disqualify swimmers.
  • There should be one CMR throughout the entire meet to ensure uniformity in office procedures for all sessions. This person must be thoroughly familiar with all current rules and the meet package sent to competing clubs.

Staffing the Recording Room Office:

Two individuals who are familiar with Section 8, 9 and 10 are ideal as assistants for processing results. Also ensure you have a runner or two for posting results. The number will vary with the size of meet, event in progress and the experience of the people at the desk, however generally it has been found to work well with only the CMR and two additional individuals who are familiar with the rules. Two computers, two printers and two photocopiers are ideal.

Except for the CMR, the office and desk staff should work in shifts [a new set for each session], since this is tiring work, which demands accuracy.

The CMR will instruct all workers in the meet office as to their areas of responsibility and the way in which each job is to be done. All questions or problems should be discussed with the CMR. This is particularly important in meets where individuals from several club/regions are working together, as each group has unique ways of running their desk and office. The CMR ensures the accurate follow-through and continuity of all material processed.

Rule Book Sections 1, 7, 8, 9, & 10

(Source: BCSSA Clinician's Guide)