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BCSSA Officials - Clerk of the Course

The Clerk of the Course plays an important role in the smooth functioning of a swim meet. Organization, patience and an even temper are vital. Many swimmers are nervous prior to their events and require a calm approach.

When heats are put together efficiently and come through the marshalling area promptly, the swim meet will progress smoothly. Problems with scratches and alternates that are corrected in the marshalling area eliminate delays on the starting blocks and in the recording area.

Duties of the Clerk of the Course:

  • Responsible for checking swimmers into the marshalling area prior to each event.
  • In control of of the swimmers from the time they are checked in, until they are turned over to the Referee.
  • Has full charge of the "working deck" in so far as the control of swimmers is concerned.
  • Reports any undisciplined acts to the Referee.
  • Has full authority, if instructed by the Referee, to scratch swimmers who fail to report to the marshalling area when the event or heat is called for marshalling.
  • Seeds swimmers in deck-seeded meets, informs swimmers of their heats and lane assignments and distributes time cards.
  • In pre-seeded meets may be given the authority, by the Referee, to combine heats and move swimmers from one heat to another in the interests of ensuring a fair seeding or to reduce the length of the meet.
  • Refer to Best Practices - Clerk of the Course

Reference: BCSSA Swimming Rule Book p. 39-40, 62-67

Source: BCSSA Clinician's Guide