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BCSSA Officials - Marshal


When you arrive at the pool, report to the Clerk of the Course. Your duties may include:

  • Keeping order in the marshalling area,
  • Arranging swimmers on deck,
  • Leading swimmers to the starting blocks if required.


  • Marshals assist the Clerk and follow the Clerk's instructions.
  • Marshals are responsible for directing the swimmers from the marshalling area to the blocks and for the swimmers' conduct on deck. You will get the swimmers' respect by being firm but fair, friendly, polite and tactful.
  • If necessary, help keep people from blocking the view of the Place Judges.
  • Direct the swimmers to pass behind the Starter and Place Judges and not in front of them.
  • If any swimmer becomes a problem, discuss the situation with the Clerk. If directed to do so by the Clerk, bring the problem to the attention of the Referee.
  • The Clerk will inform you as to how the swimmers are to be marshalled.
  • Ensure that each swimmer knows which lane he/she is in, and that all swimmers are seated in the correct order (mainly for the lower divisions).
  • Assist in arranging the swimmers into heats.
  • Ensure that the waiting heats of swimmers are quiet for the start.
  • Swimmers must remain in the marshalling area once marshalled.
  • Keep the Referee posted as to heat changes from the Clerk of the Course.

NOTE: A Marshal must be organized, firm and have considerable patience. A sense of humour is a definite asset.

Reference: BCSSA Swimming Rule Book p. 45

(Source: BCSSA Clinician's Guide)