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Level 2 Intermediate
Level 3 Senior
Level 4 Master

BCSSA Officials - Meet Manager

A Meet Manager should:

Be familiar with the rules for, and experienced in, the operation of a swim meet.

Be able to delegate responsibilities and have good organizational skills.

Be prepared for the unexpected.

Be able to take charge.

A Meet Manager is Responsible for:

The organization of the details of the meet.

The mechanics of running the meet.

Having the necessary equipment and personnel available during the meet.  A checklist is available for this purpose.

Obtaining and assigning duties to meet officials. Individuals responsible for timing, recording and marshalling will ensure that all positions are filled in their areas. The Meet Referee will confirm all appointments.

Disseminating all meet forms and information, including the official results.

Seeding all pre-seeded meets.

Preparing entry lists and heat sheets prior to the start of each session.

Chairing the Jury of Appeal.

Reference: BCSSA Swimming Rule Book p. 34-35

(Source: BCSSA Clinician's Guide)