Level 1 Junior
Level 2 Intermediate
Level 3 Senior
Level 4 Master

BCSSA Officials - Lane Timer

Responsibilities and duties:

Before the Meet

  • Arrive at your assigned lane 10 - 15 minutes prior to the start of the meet. Report to the Chief Timer.
  • Pick up a clipboard and heat sheet from the Chief Timer and go to your assigned lane.

During the Meet

  1. Ensure that the swimmer's name on the heat sheet coincides with the swimmer in your lane.
    Ask the younger swimmers, "what is your name?" If you ask, "Is your name Johnny?" he may say yes, even though his name is Fred.
  2. Time the swimmer in the assigned lane from the starting signal to the 'final touch'.
  3. If manual timing is being used, start the stopwatch on seeing the flash of the starting signal.
  4. Press the 'plunger' or stop the stopwatch when the swimmer has completed the required distance and any part of the body touches the 'touchpad', the end wall, or crosses the vertical place (imaginary) extending upward from the wall.
  5. If manual timing or a backup stopwatch is being used, write the time on your heat sheet beside the swimmers name.
  6. Return your clipboard at the end of the session.