Level 1 Junior
Level 2 Intermediate
Level 3 Senior
Level 4 Master

BCSSA Officials - Place Judge

Responsibilities and duties:

  1. Report to the officials' area prior to your assigned shift. Collect pencils, heat sheets, Place Judge slips.
  2. Position yourself in line with the end of the pool (on a raised platform, if possible). Ensure that your line of sight will not be blocked.
    You have priority over ANYONE in this area of the pool.
  3. Write the event number, heat number and your initials on each Place Judge slip as the events are called to the blocks.
  4. Record the lane numbers as the swimmers finish.
    • Do not judge the correctness of the touch.
    • A swimmer has finished when any part of the body: touches the touchpad or end of the pool, or
      • passes over the vertical plane of the wall.
  5. Be attentive - try to write down all of the lanes in order of finish. If you do not get all of the places DO NOT GUESS, write down the ones that you are sure of, leaving dashes for those in doubt.
  6. Do NOT call out numbers as people finish - it may distract other Place Judges.
  7. Record swimmers as they finish, rather than trying to recall the positions afterwards. Your first impression is likely to be correct.
  8. Record your decision only. DO NOT COPY another judge or the scoreboard.