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Registration is one of the most critical annual administrative tasks BCSSA performs. Membership & Athlete registration in BCSSA follows a May 1st to April 30th cycle. All memberships, regardless of when during the year a member joins, expire on April 30th.

Attn: Club Registrars
Registrations must be completed in Hy-Tek Team Manager and include a POSTAL CODE and EMAIL ADDRESS in addition to the other required fields.

Registration is a process that:

1) Allows swimmers to compete in BCSSA and member club aquatic competitions.

2) Allows swimmers to train during the season with the BCSSA member club.

3) Provides insurance coverage for swimmers, coaches, and other club members.

4) Plays an essential role in the overall efficiency of BCSSA's communication.

Registration Policies:

1) BCSSA Registration fees are non-refundable.

2) All swimmers who register with a BCSSA member club, must register as an athlete in BCSSA. Generally, this is done automatically during the clubs registration process.

3) All athletes must complete a BCSSA Athlete Registration Form when they register as a member of BCSSA/Member Club. Swimmers may be required to show proof of age when registering and registration is not valid until all forms are signed by a parent/guardian for athletes under 19 years of age.

4) BCSSA reviews all meet results for non-registered or in-correctly registered swimmers. BCSSA may suspend any club which has unregistered athletes participating in club activities or has entered unregistered athletes in any BCSSA competitions.

5) All athletes must be registered prior to the 2nd Thursday of July to be eligible to compete in either the Regional or Provincial Championships.



Online Registration Checklist A checklist of required BCSSA waivers and sign-offs which must be included in online registration.
TRIAL Registration Program Includes information and guidelines for the "Non-Competitive" Trial Membership available. The Registration Form is also attached.
Parent Relay Registration Program Includes information and guidelines for the 2-Day "Parent Relay" Membership available. The Registration Form is also attached.
BCSSA Registration Types & Categories Provides details about the different registration types including: Summer, Winter & Trial.
'S'&'O' Athlete Declaration Form Declares an athlete's understanding of BCSSA's 'S'&'O' categorization.
Using Team Manager and Swim Manager Together A step by step guide on how to use these programs together if using online registration.

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