The staff of BCSSA encourages you to contact them by either phone or email if you have any questions regarding the sports of Diving, Synchro, Swimming or Water Polo within BC.

Currently, there is only one employee working part-time in the off-season and full-time during the competitive season, carrying out the following role:

The Provincial Office Manager works closely with the membership and the Board of Directors to fulfill the roles and responsibilities of the organization. The teamwork between staff and the Board is the cornerstone of the effective and efficient delivery of the various programs and services administered by BCSSA.


Provincial Manager of Operations

  1. Reports to the Board of Directors via the President
  2. Responsible for the management of daily business and affairs of the BCSSA
  3. Assist in the execution and planning of all Board, Committee and AGM's
  4. Ensures the policies and resolutions of the Board are carried into effect.
  5. Designated staff liaison with the Provincial Gov't , Sport BC and other PSO's
  6. Responsible for annual Gov't reporting, evaluation and grant applications
  7. Financial and Fiscal Management, as well as, Revenue Generation
  8. Maintain all accounting records, including accounts payable and receivable
  9. Produces and maintains all supporting financial records and statements
  10. Assist with the planning of the Provincial Championships
  11. Responsible for special fundraising and sponsorship projects
  12. Collection of meet information and results for posting to online databases
  13. Responsible for updating website content
  14. Collection and delivery of the Scholarship, Pool of Fame and Volunteer Recognition Programs
  15. Social Media management

Current Staff                                                        

Meghan Cheung Provincial Manager of Operations