Starting a Club

Everything You Need to Know

Once you have read the details on starting a new club outlined on this page the next step is to submit all of your application paperwork to the Regional Director of the region in which you plan to start your club. If the new club is accepted into the region the Regional Director will then present the application at the January Board of Directors meeting for consideration. For this reason all applications must be submitted to BCSSA before or during the January Board of Directors meeting. If you are ready to start a new club, plan several weeks ahead to get your paperwork organized. If you do not know what region you would be apart of please contact us and we will assist you.

Are You Ready to Start a Club?

There are many questions to ask as you move toward establishing a new swim team organization. In the "Learn More" link below, there is a list of thought provoking questions for discussion. Think about and discuss each question with your supporters or founders. If you frequently answer "NO" or "NOT SURE", you may need to do further research or self-evaluation. Positive answers to these questions may be a good indicator of the potential success of your team. LEARN MORE >>

Checklist for Starting a New Club

Here is your checklist for steps to follow when starting up your new club. CHECKLIST >>

New Club Application Form

Below is the application form that shall be submitted to your region for review and approval. Please follow the steps in the application and make sure that you meet the minimum criteria.

New Club Application Form

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